Enzyme Therapy


Skin Mia’s enzyme treatments are your perfect facial quick-fix for when you are short on time and on-the-go but want to see and achieve results. Skin Mia’s enzyme treatments make use of world renowned organic skin care incorporating fruit extracts such as Berries, Pineapple, Papaya, Apples and Grapes, to name a few.

Short on time? Get an Enzyme!

Enzymes are complete proteins that accelerate the chemical changes in skin cells. They are effective in freeing the epidermis (top layer of the skin) from dead cells without harming living healthy skin cells. They exfoliate and digest dead skin cells as soon as skin contact is made. This method of exfoliation does not strip the skin or cause disruption to the skin’s natural barrier, leaving you with a balanced skin pH level. It speeds up the natural exfoliating process, leaving your skin more refined, smoother, clearer and youthful.

How long does a treatment take and is there any downtime?

Skin Mia’s Enzyme Therapy facial takes about 35-40 minutes and there is no downtime thanks to our use of organic ingredients.


Blueberry Detox & Firming Peel Enzyme

| 40min $80

Best suited: All skin types especially dull devitalized skin
Results: Firm, detoxify, nourish, refresh, revigorate, reduce pores, purify, clarify

A beautiful rich and powerful blend of berries, apples and grapes, consisting of 40% Lactic Acids and AHA’s. This enzyme is a fruit cocktail for the skin. It deeply detoxifies and tightens the skin, lifting dead skin cells while it stimulates cellular renewal to reveal a brighter and healthier complexion. This enzyme is high in vitamins such as B,C,K, and Omega-3. It’s the perfect blend to help combat aging and maintain a youth glowing appearance all year round.


Artic Berry Peptide Enzyme
| 40min $85

Best suited: Ageing, hyper-pigmented, acne prone, sensitive, rosacea
Results: Illuminate, reduce deep wrinkles, smooth, even skin tone, firm, plump, reduce inflammation.

What if you were able to target and treat deep wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and reduce redness? This innovative 3 step 20% strength peel combines a total of 6 different organic flower-based acids that will leave your skin brighter and illuminated. Acti white, derived from sweet pea, lightens the appearance of the skin while gardenia stem cell technology improves the skins tone and elasticity, while smoothing out deep wrinkles and fine lines.


Pumpkin & Yam Enzyme
| 35min $60

Best suited: All skin types, Ideal for mature, acne, oily, congested skins
Results: Firm, plump, smooth, refine, repair, even skin tone, reduce wrinkle depth

This delicious 20% peel, made of pumpkin and Yam, accelerates the exfoliation process by breaking down dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of discolouration caused by sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. The natural enzymes also contains green tea, which is high in antioxidants and Phyto-Hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates and smooth out wrinkles. A great peel for those who want to brighten and reduce sun damage.


Mangosteen Pore Refining Enzyme
| 40min $80

Best suited: Dull, tired complexion, uneven skin tone, large pore size. Great for sensitive skins
Results: Pore size minimised, even skin tone, smoother complexion, refreshed, super hydration, & revitalised skin tone

Do you suffer from large pores? Say hello to Mangosteen Lactic Acid Complex.

This rich tropical super-fruit is made with 10% of acids that help to protect the skin from environmental damage while promoting a natural radiance and minimising pores.

Lactic Acid derived from red clover flower extract helps to balance oil production and eliminates the buildup of dead skin cells, while reducing large pores.

Ribose encourages new skin cell generation, hydrates, and stimulates collagen. Your skin will feel fresher, clearer and hydrated, with minimised pores.


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